The First Dollar Bill

The First Dollar Bill

We are all familiar with the framed “first dollar” (or the first whatever) hanging on the wall of the mom and pop restaurant or the big corporation that started in a garage. The purpose of this post is not to claim its frame-worthy-ness, though if my blog takes off and this post is really what started “it all”, I’d be okay with that!

No, truthfully this post for me is what Bezos calls Day 1 (in honor of Prime Day it seems fitting to reference Bezos). I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now, but not because I think the world should read what I have to say. I’ve wanted to start a blog because I CAN’T REMEMBER THINGS ANYMORE. My memory is one of my best friend’s favorite things to poke fun at me for… and I encourage her to keep at it. She will tell a story and I’ll chime in like “oooh, what happened next?” and you know what she says!? “G, you were there!!” It’s embarrassing but it happens so often I’m not phased anymore. My memory loss affects my professional life too. There is so much going on I can’t remember it all. I’m not too concerned though because I’ve read a few articles that being forgetful is a sign of superior intelligence (really, go Google it now). It’s okay to forget, as long as you can quickly use a lookup table to remember…

That’s what this blog is supposed to be, my lookup table. I’ve never kept a diary logging my days in high school or a journal documenting my adventurous life. Since I can’t remember everything, I sure wish I would have written hilarious stories or noteworthy events down. I don’t know if I ever would go back and read them, but at least I could if I wanted/needed to. I do that with my code all the time. Oh I need to process new data with that code I wrote three years ago? Yeah, that is always fun… I guess comments in my code have been my way of keeping a diary for the last 8+ years.

So, if you happen across my blog and this first blog post, that’s great! If this is the only blog post and it is now 3+ months old, either I’m stuck in what Bezos calls Day 2 or I forgot to post! But at least I learned how to securely set up a WordPress site on an EC2 instance. Here’s to always learning something new,


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